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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some video previews

After going through a "sweat-box" session with some of my instructors, one requested to see some video of the boarding ramp to get a better idea of how the mechanics of it work, so I put this quick no-bells video together.

After that, it was time to get on with the landing gear. Originally I was going to base them off of the gear of a 747, but them the all important "sweat-box" had me rethinking the whole thing. (It so nice to work with instructors with the kind of experience they have). So I built this concept. Once again, thanks to "Paco the Taco" I have a much improved result. They only thing I'm not overly happy with is the gear door, but I might try something else; I was thinking actually of the cargo doors on a Greyhound bus of all things. It might look a little more in line with the "feel" of the gear mechanism.


  1. Both the animations look good, but I have to ask where the mechanicals are that help to operate the machinery. Were are the pistons and hoses? are they operated by hydraulics, pneumatics, Magic?... make sure you take mechanicals of how an object moves into design consideration...

  2. I thought the little dude outside was going to get squashed for sure! LOL!

    Terrific work Roliba!

  3. Good start. Now, add more of the guts of what really helps this door open and close? How is it designed? Hydraulic? Repulsor? Electric? The weight of the hatch opening suggests something kind of coggy, a couple of pistons, and tubing

    When the doors hit the ground, add in a cushion or a bounce to make it feel like there is some weight behind the landing bridge.

    If you wanted to, you could add in an effect at the tip of the landing bridge where you fire off some steam retro booster shots when the bridge is close to hitting the ground..

    Same for the landing foot. Lots of cool dangling pipes and gears or something.. Nice Driven action on the way it unfurls.

    In your production shots, make sure and pay close atttention to the weight when animating these elements in both of your examples.


  4. Nice on the landing gear !!