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I am a 3d Modeller and Compositor. I live and work by what I describe as the three P's. They stand for Passion, Professionalism, and Problem Solving. In all things, I try to stay by these guidelines.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Star Trek Recreation.

After several years of contemplating tackling this project, I finally felt inspired (thanks to Will Jaspers fine work on the same subject). But I finally did it and feel pretty good about the result. While not a perfect re-do, the camera angles and moves, the lighting "feel", and the timing is what I was after. Beyond that, the materials and specific lighting and some other parts are not 100% to the film, but they are my take on them.

Of course, having worked on this, I realized there are parts of my model of the "Enterprise" that will have to be redone as there are some things "off".

Anyway, here is the piece.